Wilson Finley is proud to introduce our exclusive line of replacement rubber tracks – EarthQuest. EarthQuest Rubber Track Advantage parts have been engineered to maximize durability while providing superior traction at a competitive cost.

When choosing EarthQuest parts from Wilson Finley you can depend on a build that is meant to last, including:

Rubber Tracks for CTL

Metal Core – The embedded metal core is forged and heat-treated. With this process, the metal strength is improved dramatically, which is an important feature in the operation of tracks.

Rubber – Advanced natural and synthetic rubber blending technology makes for superior flexibility and anti-abrasion.

Steel Cord (Cable) – Two lines of 32” cables for 450 mm wide track, and two lines of 23” cables for 320 mm track are wound by continuous technology. Additionally, each steel cord is wrapped and covered with rubber, which provides enhanced durability.

Design – Lug patterns are designed to provide maximum traction with increased durability. These completely bi-directional lug pattern tracks are interchangeable at any time.

Jointless Type – As it is an essential feature for the tracks on CTL application, Wilson Finley’s rubber track is jointless type and it replaces the need for an overlapping bond joint.

Durable, Lasting Parts for Your Construction Equipment From Leading Brands

Wilson Finley is proud to provide EarthQuest Rubber Track Advantage parts to major construction companies, including: *

* Wilson Finley sells aftermarket rubber tracks designed to fit equipment from these brands.

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