Wilson Finley Track Press Service

Wilson Finley Company operates 10 track presses across the Southeastern United States. WFC has always taken great pride in track press service, from the early mobile track press business to the current facility-operated service we provide today.

High-quality, thorough track press service

While some track service shops cut corners, WFC chooses to employ traditional yet modern methods to make sure the job is done right. Other track shops rely on “dipping” track pins in ordinary grease to re-lubricate pin and bushings. Additionally, many track service shops fail to replace the lubricated track seals and thrust rings at turn or installation time. These are cost saving methods designed to disguise levels of workmanship. The cost savings are on the service providers’ side, not yours.

WFC uses special application equipment that draws air from the track pins and at the same time refills the proper lubricants, returning the pins and bushings back to the original specification. We almost always replace lubricated track seals in order to ensure a proper lifetime seal. Our experienced technicians do it right the first time, which reduces downtime and the cost-per-hour required to operate crawler equipment.

Track and Bolt inspectionThis WFC Service Technician makes sure each track bolt and nut is torqued to specific requirements. This helps to prevent track pads from becoming loose.
A WFC Service Technician points out that this dozer is ready to be wrapped up. New Berco track chains and sprockets are the order of the day for this dozer.New Tracks
Track Pin OilerA WFC Service Technician uses the Track Pin Oiler to re-fill track pins and bushings with OEM-grade lubricants. To ensure proper sealing, this machine draws air out of the pin to pressure test the joint prior to re-filling the pin with oil. This procedure provides like new properties of the sealed and lubricated track (SALT) chain.
A WFC Service Technician is reassembling a track chain after a successful lubricated pin and bushing turn.Lubricated Pin