Rubber Tracks for Mini Excavators

Wilson Finley Company rubber tracks for mini excavators are manufactured by bonding metal, rubber and steel cords together, thus forming a continuous rubber track. The special design of our rubber tracks for mini excavators increases durability and allows for greater flexibility.

Features of WFC rubber tracks for mini excavators include:

  • Smaller lug (smaller contact surface) means better grip & traction
  • 3 cores wound together allows for higher durability and flexibility
  • Bi-directional – The tracks are interchangeable
  • Reinforced edges between lugs to prevent slicing

Metal core

The imbedded metal core is forged and heat treated. With this process, the metal strength is improved dramatically, an important feature in the operation of our tracks.


Using advanced natural and synthetic rubber blending technology results in superior flexibility and anti-abrasion.

Steel cord (cable)

Each steel cord is wrapped and covered with rubber. This reduces friction between the cables and gives the rubber track enhanced durability.

Jointless rubber tracks

WFC rubber tracks for mini excavators are jointless. This feature replaces the need for an overlapping bonded joint, which may be a weakness of other rubber tracks. The continuous wound wire cord makes the tracks much stronger than those that are jointed.

Rubber tracks design & structure*

Our rubber tracks for mini excavators are constructed with three wound metal cores, which helps to increase flexibility when the crawler is in motion. This results in lower vibration and a reduction in noise level.

Reinforced edges are designed with thicker rubber. This reduces the incidence of slicing, which results in a longer operating life.

Lugs on both sides of WFC rubber tracks face each other in opposite directions to allow bi-directional travel. The tracks are interchangeable with each other and can be rotated at anytime for longer life.


*This does not represent all of the tracks that WFC offers. Depending on the size of the track and/or mini excavator model, the applicable rubber tracks may be different.