Wilson Finley Company carries high quality replacement rubber tracks for most makes and models of mini excavators and skid steer loaders. WFC Rubber Tracks are manufactured with three continuous wound metal cores which provide maximum durability and minimum stretch.

Engineered with precise bidirectional traction lugs and with reinforced edges to prevent slicing, you will discover that our rubber tracks are manufactured with the highest quality and offered to you at the best value in the industry.

WFC exclusive: EarthQuest rubber tracks


Wilson Finley is proud to introduce our exclusive branded rubber track, known as Earthquest. Earthquest rubber tracks are engineered to maximize durability while providing the best traction at the most competitive cost to you.

Our exclusive rubber tracks feature a tread pattern designed to eliminate the possibility of stress fractures, cracks or splits. You will find that the Earthquest pattern outperforms the competition and provides longer track life, even when used on hard or rocky surfaces.

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ELITE – EarthQuest Rubber Tracks


Excellent production system

  • Unique jointless production technology
  • Superior rubber compounds Tracks10
  • Advanced production facility

Low vibration & low noise lug design

Vibration reduced lug profile with maximum traction

Inter-locking metal core


Anti-detracking meta core*

* This feature is for 450×83.5 and some other tracks only

Tough roller running parts

The reinforced base is used to support track rollers and it can also increase track life.


Enriched reinforced edge

Greatly reduces edge-cut damage – Reinforced edges are designed with thicker rubber added between the lugs. This reduces the incidence of slicing of the edges resulting a longer operating cycle.


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